Sunland​ regards "self-transcendence" as an inexhaustible driving force, "pursuit of excellence" as an eternal goal and sacred mission, based on strength and excellence, bearing in mind that if you do not advance, you will fall behind, and keep the industry ahead. Adhering to the spirit of constantly surpassing ourselves, we should demonstrate the strength of the sustained and healthy development of Xinjin Optoelectronics with excellent products, excellent service and excellent performance.

Management principle: "five forces" aggregation to promote development-- learning ability, innovation ability, adaptability, execution force, cooperation force.

Learning ability: if you have a higher skill, you can be one step ahead.

Innovation: only when there is innovation, there is a way out.

Resilience: the best way to deal with change is to change it yourself.

Execution: find ways instead of excuses.

Cooperation: do what you do on your own, and do what you do outside of your share.

Company style: strict requirements, meticulous and efficient; high starting point, high standards, high requirements; pay attention to details, win in details; quick response, speed wins.

Market philosophy: exceed users' expectations and move users attentively; create industry miracles and surprise users; give users value-for-money returns; communicate sincerely and move users.

The concept of cooperation: honesty and trustworthiness, justice and benefit symbiosis; Baide sincerity first, Pepsi letter first; only when we win can we become a big winner.

The concept of talent: widely accept talents, make the best of their talents; accept all rivers, gather outstanding talents; know people and be good at their duties, and give full play to their talents and talents.

Enterprise culture